Reblog if you saw SNL2 with SuJu when you’re underaged

I want a Super Junior M comeback

I miss you Kim HeeChul ~

How do you make gifs? ^^

*Wants to make a gif of Ryeowook in Sexy, Free and Single*

And now, ELF’s have so see the mv’s from Twins ~Knockout to Sexy, Free and Single ;-)

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk - Sexy, Free and Single

Which YG band do you like the most?

If eunhyuk was your father…


 He would thrust while doing something

If you fail your math test

He would strip infront of you

When he see’s your beautiful teacher

When you got a boyfriend

When you’re giving him a attitude

He dances

He will jump on you out of no where

He will always to his beloved husband

Donghae will just do nothing to stop his beloved wife.

hyukjae body porn.

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Which SmTown band do you like the most?